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We believe the best way to experience any country is to live like a local. Farm Helpers brings together farmers who want to share their way of life with others and travellers who want to experience
New Zealand life at its most authentic.


Land of the Long white cloud

Known for its stunning natural beauty, the indigenous people of New Zealand, the Māori, named it Aotearoa, meaning ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’. From the tip of its northernmost peninsula to the unspoiled landscapes of the south, New Zealand is home to majestic mountains, tranquil lakes, rugged coastlines, rolling countryside and sheep.
Lots of sheep.


guardians of the land

The connection to the land in New Zealand runs deep. From the spiritual interdependence between the Māori people and the earth, to the long history of farming the land, there is no better way to experience the land of Aotearoa than to live with the people who work it.

Nau Mai


The people of New Zealand are famously friendly. Known as ‘kiwis’ after our most famous native bird, we love to show hospitality and welcome all people to our country. Through Farm Helpers New Zealand you will get to live and work alongside local people and experience the laid back lifestyle kiwis are renowned for.

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