How it works

Setting up an account

Whether you want to be a host or a guest, you will need to register for an account. It is free to become a host, and registering will put you on our database so we can connect you with some guests.

If you are signing up as a guest, you will get access to our full database of hosts across New Zealand when you activate your account. Activation costs $40 NZD. Once your account is activated, you will be able to contact hosts you are interested in staying with directly.

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Ground rules

Farm Helpers are not employees, they are guests. We hope to connect overseas travellers with opportunities to experience life as part of a kiwi farming family. We expect that any international guest staying with hosts around New Zealand will help on the farm as part of this experience.

In providing travellers with an authentic kiwi farming experience, our hosts provide food to their boarders, and a safe, warm place to sleep. Hosts might choose to go the extra mile. This could include providing a vehicle, an ensuite, showing their guests around their local area, or even taking them on trips further afield if they want to show them more of the country.

We ask our hosts to give their guests opportunities to see what life on a farm is really like. Whether they help with milkings each morning, help raise lambs, feed out, mend fences, or herd cattle, their experience should be an authentic taste of farming life. However, we do ask that your guests are not asked to help with farm duties for longer than 6 hours per day, and that they have at least two consecutive days per week to rest and explore our beautiful country.